Summer Time Dangers That Lead To Car Accidents in Connecticut

If you ask 100 people what time of year is most dangerous for driving –summer is the most dangerous season for car accidents - dont drink and drive. 85 out of 100 will tell you wintertime in Connecticut.  Makes sense right?  Longer periods of darkness.  Slippery conditions.  Snow and ice.

Well those 85 people would be incorrect.  Summertime is the most dangerous season for driving, with the risk of being in a car accident greatest on the 4th of July.  As many as one in three fatal car accidents in Connecticut occur during the summer months.  Drivers are most wary during the winter – and seem to let their guard down particularly during summer holidays.

Add driving boats – and the 4th of July sticks out as even more dangerous.  Again more boating accidents occur on the 4th than at any other time of the year.

So just what is the major contributor to car and boat accidents during the summer and on the 4th in particular?  Drugs and alcohol.  Intoxicated drivers are a major cause of car accidents and are takers of life and property.

The lesson here – do not ever drive under the influence at any time.

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