Medical Malpractice Is Too Common – Read Reports on Hospitals Near You

Medical malpractice at hospitals and medical centers happens every day.Read_about_your_hospitals_medical_malpractice_record. Medical staffs make mistakes.  Some instances of medical malpractice are worse than others and sometimes they are deadly.  Patients have been known to get the wrong medications or even undergo surgery intended for someone else.

When medical errors like these and others are reported, government officials are required to inspect the hospital in question and file a detailed report.

This vital information on hospital quality and safety has finally been made available to the public online.

A website dedicated to this information,, provides detailed reports of hospital violations dating back to January 2011, searchable by location and the name of the hospital.

Until now, these reports were released only through a Freedom of Information Act request – making access to this information very difficult to obtain.

While this development is progress, some information is still unavailable.  For instance, once government authorities have determined there is a specific problem that needs correcting, hospitals are required to file a corrective action plan.  These plans are still kept confidential.

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