Distracted Driving Is Not Limited To Cell Phone Use…

A new analysis of national traffic data shows that drivers involved in fatal carDistracted_driving_includes_more_than_just_cellphone_usage. accidents as well as non-fatal crashes were “more often lost in thought than distracted by mobile phones.”

Ten percent of the time, car accidents that ended in a fatality involved at least one motorist who was distracted according to the study.  Sixty-two percent of the time those distracted drivers were “lost in thought” or daydreaming as opposed to 12 percent who were distracted from cell phone use.

This study is interesting because so much attention has been paid to cell phone use (texting, calling, surfing) as a major cause of accidents.  This study is the first one to draw attention to other distracters.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is asking drivers to stay vigilant about the dangers of the road “by playing the “what if” game and asking themselves how they would react to unexpected events on the road…Treat driving as a complicated task requiring your full attention,” the foundation said.

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