Does Distracted Driving Really Lead to More Teen Car Accidents?

teenage_distracted_drivingMuch has been written here and elsewhere about teenage drivers and distracted driving.

Are distractions often the cause of car accidents involving teens?

A new study by the AAA Foundation looks at this question utilizing what is called DriveCam technology. DriveCam technology collects video, audio and speed data when a driver triggers the device by hard braking, fast cornering, or an impact that exceeds a certain g-force. Each video is 12-seconds long, and provides information on the 8 seconds before and 4 seconds after the trigger.

One thousand six-hundred and ninety one car accidents involving 16-19 year olds were examined in the study. What the data showed is very interesting.

Examining the video – teenagers were found to be engaging in a distracting behavior 58% of the time.

What were those behaviors? And is one sex more guilty than another?

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