Used Car Buyers Beware!

Used car buyers beware!

Photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry via / CC BY-NC-SA


Many of us often look to used car options when replacing an old car or buying a first car for a child. In fact, thirty-eight million used cars were sold in the U.S. just last year. Buying used is a strategy that can have a number of financial advantages.

One big disadvantage… there’s no explicit federal law that requires the sellers of used cars to fix problems related to safety recalls or even inform buyers a recall was issued. And sadly – serious, and in some cases deadly car accidents are the result.

The truth is – even though car companies are required to make an effort to reach the current owner of all vehicles to notify them of any recalls – that task has proved nearly impossible for car makers. Buyers two or more times removed from the original car purchaser simply do not enjoy the recall protections afforded new car buyers.

Are recalled and potentially dangerous used cars being sold in Connecticut?

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