Why the Choice of Hospitals Matters…

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If you are ever in an accident or require surgery – the hospital you choose matters more than most realize.

A study by Boston Consulting Group has just found that patients treated at the worst American hospitals were three times more likely to die and 13 times more likely to have medical complications than those that visited one of the nation’s best hospitals.

Three times more likely to die… that is not a typo.

The study’s authors looked at 22 million hospital admissions across the U.S. and adjusted for factors like age, sex, severity of illness and more.

Unfortunately, no hospitals were specifically identified in the study. The study authors agreed not to reveal institutional names in order to gain access to the data.

When asked to explain such a wide disparity of results, one of the study’s authors, Dr. Barry Rosenberg said that much of the difference in outcomes can be explained by the skill of the medical staffs and the culture of each hospital.

Can patients determine in advance which hospitals to entrust their care?

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