How Well Do You Know the Traffic Safety Rules in Connecticut?

If you are like most people, you probably know some but hardly all the laws related to traffic safety in Connecticut.

Why’s that matter?

For several reasons… knowing the rules can help avoid a car accident while keeping you and your family safe in the event of an accident. It’s also important to remember that ignorance of the law is not considered an excuse should you ever find yourself in violation.

To that end, we thought a refresher on the most important traffic safety laws/rules might be helpful.

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Do You Know the Most Dangerous Month For Driving?


We recently did an extensive review of traffic statistics from a variety of governmental sources (e.g., The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – NHTSA, etc.). What we found was interesting…

If you were asked to guess the most dangerous month to drive – what would you say?

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Is Your Surgeon Using Approved Tools?

When any of us require surgery for whatever the reason – we should be able to expect that the surgical equipment used by our surgeons will be FDA approved – correct?

But is that always the case?

Sadly – no.


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Fatal Car Accidents and Teens. What Causes Most of Them?

The teenage years are exciting for many reasons…


There are so many new freedoms and new adventures at that stage of life.

Sadly, it can also be a dangerous time – particularly when it comes to driving.  Car crashes are the leading cause of death for 18-25 year olds.  And 1 in 5 of 16-year-old drivers has an accident within their first year of driving.

First – the entire experience of driving is new. And many of the challenges that one encounters as a lifelong driver are as yet unfamiliar to the new driver. Then there is the danger that cell phones pose and the distractions of texting and talking.

Perhaps the greatest dangers to a young driver are the dangers as old as time – drugs and alcohol. Did you know that according to a recent Columbia University study, over 57% of the fatal car crashes involving a teen in Connecticut and across the U.S. involve a teen who was either drinking or using drugs or both?

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Pedestrian Injuries On the Rise – Is There Technology That Can Help?

The most recent U.S. traffic data shows pedestrian fatalities due toPedestrian_injuries_are_on_the_rise. motor vehicle crashes rose 4.2%.   In addition, pedestrian injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes increased by 19% from the previous year – all this according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Sadly – U.S. roads were designed with cars in mind – not pedestrians.

So how can we significantly reduce the incidence of pedestrian injuries?  Perhaps emerging technology offers part of the answer.

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What To Know About The Psychological Impact of Car Accidents

Anyone who has ever been in a car accident knows the physicalCar_accidents_can_also_have_negative_psychological_impacts. injuries as well as the emotional trauma that can occur.  While the physical wounds are often easy to recognize, the emotional ones are often overlooked.

Victims of car accidents and their families need to be aware of the emotional impact an accident can have and how to get help.

Psychological trauma is just as real, and potentially damaging as physical trauma. According to a report in Achieve Solutions, “auto accidents are one of the most prevalent sources of psychological trauma, with over 6 million car accidents and over 40,000 traffic fatalities reported annually”.

When a person has been through a car accident many emotional responses are possible from denial, anxiety, shock, confusion, social withdrawal and dramatic mood swings.  Debilitating phobias are also known to arise from car accidents, leaving accident victims unable to perform routine functions like driving on interstate highways or in some cases even leaving their homes.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a motor vehicle accident or other traumatic event, watch for any symptoms that continue for more than a few weeks, as well as difficulty accomplishing normal tasks, avoidance issues, or drug or alcohol abuse.  All of these things are a sign that help from a qualified psychologist is in order.

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Push To Prosecute Drowsy Drivers That Cause Car Accidents – But How?

We have written often about the role cell phones, intoxicated Tired drivers cause Connecticut car accidents - learn the dangers of drowsy drivingdrivers, poorly constructed roadways and other factors play in car accidents.  One of the most overlooked causes of car accidents is a driver who is too tired to be operating a motor vehicle.  In fact, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety calls drowsy driving, “one of the most significant, unrecognized traffic safety problems” in America.

 Some states are seeking ways to hold sleepy drivers criminally accountable for fatal car accidents they cause.  The problem – while blood tests can detect whether a driver is drunk, skid marks can show that a driver was traveling too fast, and text records can show that a driver was distracted – proving they were drowsy and caused an accident is more difficult.

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Avoid a Car Accident This Winter With These Safe Driving Tips

Each change of seasons brings its own driving challenges… the winter seasonCar accident lawyer shares tips for safe winter drivingmost of all.  As we head into another snowy, icy, wet and cold time of year – remember these things to help you avoid a car accident on Connecticut roads.

Winter Safe Driving Tips:

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Protect Your Child In A Car Accident – Choose the Right Safety Seat

So you’ve just had your first baby!  Or maybe you have several smallthe correct child seat is important to avoid injury in a car accidentchildren.  You should know that car accidents are a leading cause of injury to small children.  Many serious injuries occur because parents do not understand or are lax about car seat use.

Here are some guidelines to consider:

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Summer Time Dangers That Lead To Car Accidents in Connecticut

If you ask 100 people what time of year is most dangerous for driving –summer is the most dangerous season for car accidents - dont drink and drive. 85 out of 100 will tell you wintertime in Connecticut.  Makes sense right?  Longer periods of darkness.  Slippery conditions.  Snow and ice.

Well those 85 people would be incorrect.  Summertime is the most dangerous season for driving, with the risk of being in a car accident greatest on the 4th of July.  As many as one in three fatal car accidents in Connecticut occur during the summer months.  Drivers are most wary during the winter – and seem to let their guard down particularly during summer holidays.

Add driving boats – and the 4th of July sticks out as even more dangerous.  Again more boating accidents occur on the 4th than at any other time of the year.

So just what is the major contributor to car and boat accidents during the summer and on the 4th in particular?  Drugs and alcohol.  Intoxicated drivers are a major cause of car accidents and are takers of life and property.

The lesson here – do not ever drive under the influence at any time.

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