Could This Simple Road Sign Save 4,000 Lives a Year?

Fatal car accidents are a daily occurrence on U.S. roads.  Head on collisions tend to be particularly deadly – with one in five resulting in a fatality. Did you know that a growing number of these car crashes are caused by people going the wrong way on exit ramps?

4,000 annually to be exact…

What is causing these accidents in the first place and what can be done about it?

Predictably alcohol plays a major role. Intoxicated drivers cause more than 80% of these wrong way car crashes.

Highway safety experts say that improving markings on the highway, adding red reflectors, and lowering “Wrong Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs could make a real difference in reducing this type of car accident.

Why might lowering the height of signs make a difference?

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Technology Options To Consider To Put A Stop To Texting & Driving

Did you know that according to University of Utah researchers – using aCar-accident-lawyers-share-technology-alternatives-to-texting-and-drivingcell phone while driving decreases reaction time by the same amount as having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent?

Did you know that texting while driving takes the driver’s eyes off the road long enough, on average, for the vehicle to go the distance of a football field at 55 miles an hour?

Did you know that texting while driving causes a car accident in this country every five minutes?

Finally – did you know that while most Americans want texting while driving outlawed – two thirds of adults admit to the practice (Harris Interactive).

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Push To Prosecute Drowsy Drivers That Cause Car Accidents – But How?

We have written often about the role cell phones, intoxicated Tired drivers cause Connecticut car accidents - learn the dangers of drowsy drivingdrivers, poorly constructed roadways and other factors play in car accidents.  One of the most overlooked causes of car accidents is a driver who is too tired to be operating a motor vehicle.  In fact, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety calls drowsy driving, “one of the most significant, unrecognized traffic safety problems” in America.

 Some states are seeking ways to hold sleepy drivers criminally accountable for fatal car accidents they cause.  The problem – while blood tests can detect whether a driver is drunk, skid marks can show that a driver was traveling too fast, and text records can show that a driver was distracted – proving they were drowsy and caused an accident is more difficult.

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Avoid a Car Accident This Winter With These Safe Driving Tips

Each change of seasons brings its own driving challenges… the winter seasonCar accident lawyer shares tips for safe winter drivingmost of all.  As we head into another snowy, icy, wet and cold time of year – remember these things to help you avoid a car accident on Connecticut roads.

Winter Safe Driving Tips:

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Tips On Dealing With Aggressive Drivers

Organizations like AAA and the Foundation for Traffic Safety as well asCar accident lawyer shares tips on aggressive drivers the Automobile Association in Great Britain periodically commission studies on aggressive driving.

Why?  Because aggressive driving is a major contributor to car accidents around the globe.

One such study researched incidents of violence that involved car accidents and the actual use of vehicles as weapons. Only the most violent incidents which resulted in a police report or newspaper article were studied in this particular survey (these events make up only a small number of the aggressive driving events actually occurring in the U.S.).

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Theories for Rise in Fatal Car Accidents

The first half of 2012 saw a sharp rise in fatal car accidents – a 9%car accident lawyer shares theories on why fatal car accidents are on the rise.increase over the year before.   This increase is particularly disappointing given that fatal car accidents since 2005 had declined in the U.S. by 25%.

So what could be the cause for this sudden increase in deadly car accidents?

There are a number of theories about the cause for the jump in the numbers.  Let’s examine a few of them:

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Labor Day Weekend Brings 281 Car Accidents to Connecticut – One Fatal

Connecticut drivers kept state troopers busy over the Labor Day WeekendLabor Day weekend brings numerous Connecticut car accidents with troopers responding to  281 crashes — one of which was fatal.

Fifty-nine of the crashes led to injuries, according to the state police.

State troopers also charged 2,151 with speeding, 59 drivers with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and charged 251 drivers with seatbelt violations.

Summer holidays are always a dangerous time to drive.

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Back To School Means Busier Roads – Avoid a Connecticut Car Accident

Summer is over and our children are back in the classroom.  Safety officials from across the region are once again asking drivers to use extra care when driving.

During summer months, drivers become accustomed to not seeing school buses or flashing school zone lights and adjust their driving accordingly.  Once September rolls around all that has to change.  To avoid car accidents or colliding with a pedestrian during time of year, here are just a few things to remember as you drive Connecticut roads:

Things to Remember:

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Protect Your Child In A Car Accident – Choose the Right Safety Seat

So you’ve just had your first baby!  Or maybe you have several smallthe correct child seat is important to avoid injury in a car accidentchildren.  You should know that car accidents are a leading cause of injury to small children.  Many serious injuries occur because parents do not understand or are lax about car seat use.

Here are some guidelines to consider:

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Alcohol Sales on Sundays and What That Means for Connecticut Drivers

A bill signed by Governor Malloy on May 14 made it official.  On May 20th,sunday liquor sales in Connecticut Connecticut consumers were able to buy alcohol on Sundays from 10:00AM to 5:00PM.  This new legislation ended years of an enforced ban on liquor sales and leaves Indiana as the only state banning Sunday sales.

According the NBC Connecticut the bill will also allow liquor stores to sell fruit and well as cheese, crackers and olives.  The minimum pricing rules – setting limits on discounts – remains in effect in this legislation.

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