Distracted Driving Is Not Limited To Cell Phone Use…

A new analysis of national traffic data shows that drivers involved in fatal carDistracted_driving_includes_more_than_just_cellphone_usage. accidents as well as non-fatal crashes were “more often lost in thought than distracted by mobile phones.”

Ten percent of the time, car accidents that ended in a fatality involved at least one motorist who was distracted according to the study.  Sixty-two percent of the time those distracted drivers were “lost in thought” or daydreaming as opposed to 12 percent who were distracted from cell phone use.

This study is interesting because so much attention has been paid to cell phone use (texting, calling, surfing) as a major cause of accidents.  This study is the first one to draw attention to other distracters.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is asking drivers to stay vigilant about the dangers of the road “by playing the “what if” game and asking themselves how they would react to unexpected events on the road…Treat driving as a complicated task requiring your full attention,” the foundation said.

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Federal Government Joining The Fight Against Distracted Driving

Your federal government wants car makers to make it impossible for you toFederal_government_getting_behind_the_fight_against_distracted_driving. text, check Facebook and watch a video while you’re driving.  Sounds sensible – right??  If successful, their efforts may stop a number of senseless and often fatal car accidents.

The recommendations are laid out in a 281-page report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation.  The DOT has made distracted driving a focal point of their current driver safety efforts.

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Texting While Driving Can Cause Car Accidents So Why Do We Do It?

In a just released consumer survey conducted by AT&T, nearly half of allTexting_when_driving_is_extremely_dangerous_so_why_do_we_continue_to_do_it? commuters admit to texting while driving even though 98 percent know it’s dangerous.

Did you know that reading or writing a text while driving is a leading cause of car accidents in Connecticut and that doing either of those things can impair reaction times more profoundly than alcohol?

According to test conducted by the magazine Car and Driver, baseline reaction times at 35 mph worsened while reading or typing a text. At 70 mph, they were also worse.

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What To Know About The Psychological Impact of Car Accidents

Anyone who has ever been in a car accident knows the physicalCar_accidents_can_also_have_negative_psychological_impacts. injuries as well as the emotional trauma that can occur.  While the physical wounds are often easy to recognize, the emotional ones are often overlooked.

Victims of car accidents and their families need to be aware of the emotional impact an accident can have and how to get help.

Psychological trauma is just as real, and potentially damaging as physical trauma. According to a report in Achieve Solutions, “auto accidents are one of the most prevalent sources of psychological trauma, with over 6 million car accidents and over 40,000 traffic fatalities reported annually”.

When a person has been through a car accident many emotional responses are possible from denial, anxiety, shock, confusion, social withdrawal and dramatic mood swings.  Debilitating phobias are also known to arise from car accidents, leaving accident victims unable to perform routine functions like driving on interstate highways or in some cases even leaving their homes.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a motor vehicle accident or other traumatic event, watch for any symptoms that continue for more than a few weeks, as well as difficulty accomplishing normal tasks, avoidance issues, or drug or alcohol abuse.  All of these things are a sign that help from a qualified psychologist is in order.

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Car Accidents Kill More Teenagers Than Anything Else…

(From CNN 3.11.13) “The eight teenagers crammed into an SUVCar_accidents_kill_more_teenagers_than_anything_else. that was only supposed to seat five.

They were driving a vehicle they didn’t have permission to use.

And they were speeding down a two-lane northeastern Ohio road, authorities say.

But any poor judgment was quickly eclipsed by a tragic crash that cut short six young lives.

The black Honda Passport veered over the left side of the road, crashed into a guardrail and flipped over into a pond near the city of Warren.

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Will Toll Plazas Bring More Car Accidents to Connecticut?

Connecticut State legislators are once again considering bringingWill_toll_plazas_bring_more_car_accidents_to_Connecticut? toll roads back to the state.  Toll roads had been banned since 1985 following a horrific accident at the Stratford, CT, toll booths on I-95 in 1983 left 7 people dead.

What can we expect to happen and what are the risks to motorists.  Will a return of tolls significantly raise the risk for car accidents on our state roads?

Actually – most of the ideas do not involve the old fashioned toll booth some of us remember.  Those tolls involved cars and trucks stopping, often in long lines, while tolls were collected one car and truck at a time.  Most of the current ideas involve some kind of electronic toll that would not involve setting up collection stations per se.

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Traffic Safety Bills Aim To Reduce Car Accidents

Each year the Connecticut State Legislature looks at initiativesTraffic_safety_bill_aims_to_reduce_car_accidents to improve traffic safety on our roadways.  A number of bills are currently under review that may affect you.

House Bill 6021 would mandate safety inspections for cars that have logged 100,000 miles or more.  The bill does not specify how the motor vehicles department should create a network of inspection locations, or detail what those inspections should cost.

House Bill 6247 would require drivers 65 and older to get a vision exam when obtaining or renewing a Connecticut driver’s license.

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Snow Removal Check List – Avoid a Car Accident This Winter

Winter weather can make driving extremely dangerous and car accidentsPicture_taken_by_The_Globe_and_Mail all too common.  Following a blizzard of epic proportions, those of us here in Connecticut know all too well just how dangerous. 

There are so many things each of us can do to reduce the risk of a car accident – despite tough driving conditions.  What the driver of the car in this photo is doing is NOT one of them…

So let’s go over the basic check list:

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Do Digital Billboards Cause Car Accidents in Connecticut?

The government of Sweden recently concluded a study on the effects of colorful videoDo_billboards_cause_Connecticut_car_accidents? billboards on highway safety.

In the report, Swedish officials found that digital displays often hold the attention of drivers longer than two seconds. Earlier research has shown that anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road for longer than two seconds increases the risks of a car crash.

While the report fell short of claiming that the billboards are a hazard and should be removed – it raised interesting questions.  The U.S. government allowed digital billboards in 2007 after concluding they were safe but is due to review that finding later in 2013.

What do you think?  Do digital or video billboards pose a hazard to drivers and their passengers?  Do they cause car accidents in Connecticut?  Or are they no more a safety risk than a beautiful sunset or striking fall foliage?  Let us know what you think.

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Technology Options To Consider To Put A Stop To Texting & Driving

Did you know that according to University of Utah researchers – using aCar-accident-lawyers-share-technology-alternatives-to-texting-and-drivingcell phone while driving decreases reaction time by the same amount as having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent?

Did you know that texting while driving takes the driver’s eyes off the road long enough, on average, for the vehicle to go the distance of a football field at 55 miles an hour?

Did you know that texting while driving causes a car accident in this country every five minutes?

Finally – did you know that while most Americans want texting while driving outlawed – two thirds of adults admit to the practice (Harris Interactive).

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