Does the Success of Your Favorite NFL Team Effect Your Driving?

The popularity of football in America is undeniable. In fact, watching games on Sunday is a time honored tradition.

With Super Bowl weekend upon us, we thought it would be worth asking a bit of an odd question – do you think game outcomes have an impact on the number of car accidents on a given Sunday?

What do you think?

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Helpful Tips To Keep Your Pool A Safe Place This Summer


The hot and humid weather of summer leaves many of us looking for a swim.  If you own a pool, you know how great they can be.  You also know the work they take and the safety measures that are essential to keeping a pool safe for anyone using it.

Pool safety gained significant attention from the Connecticut legislature this year after Manchester High School freshman Malvrick Donkor, 14, died recently during a swim class in the main pool at Manchester High School, and 15-year-old Marcum Asiamah drowned during a swim class at East Hartford High School.

Governor Malloy just signed legislation that stipulates that schools are be required to have a trained swimming instructor or lifeguard on duty during swimming lessons, practices or competitions. That additional person will be required to watch for and assist swimmers who are in danger.  Districts will also be required to develop safety plans for their schools.

So what steps should you take as a private pool owner?  Here are some tips:

  • Always erect safety fences that completely encircle your pool to insure that small children cannot wander into the water unattended.  If you have a small pool or hot tub – consider using your cover when not using the pool.
  • Install pool alarms if you can.  These alarms signal when the pool has been entered by someone.
  • Always watch children at ALL times.  Children can get into trouble very quickly in water – so stay in arms length of little ones and have inexperienced swimmers wear a Coast Guard certified life jacket.
  • Establish basic pool rules and enforce them – like no running, no diving in certain areas, no pushing and shoving near the water and more.
  • Encourage all who may enter your pool to take swim lessons if they have not already done so.
  • Make sure to keep your pool clean at all times – applying chemicals safely and only as needed.  Doing so will help prevent the spread of illnesses.

Throughout our history, RisCassi & Davis has handled cases involving pool accidents and drownings and we can help you if you ever have a problem.

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5 Step Checklist – Make Sure Your Children’s Toys Are Safe This Holiday Season!

The holidays are a wonderful time of year.  Each of us has theMake sure your kids toys are safe this holiday season opportunity to spend time with loved ones and friends, often while exchanging gifts.

As a Connecticut personal injury law firm, we all too often see cases involving defective and dangerous products.  One product category that is of real concern this time of year is the toy category.  Toys are great fun – but they can often pose very serious health hazards.

So what should you watch out for???

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Keep Your Child Safe In The Event Of A Car Accident

Car accidents are the leading cause of death of children above the age ofKeep your child safe in the event of an accident three in the U.S. and here in Connecticut.

Well, the American Journal of Preventative Medicine has just published a new study showing how little regard adults have for the safety of their children when those children ride in cars – and the results are very disturbing.

The study was conducted by researchers who stopped adults at gas stations, shopping centers, fast food chains and day care centers – among other locations.  This methodology insured the researchers collected accurate visual data about all the passengers in each car.

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Hartford Accident Lawyers Share Tips to Avoid Pedestrian Injury

We have often written about car safety and keys to avoiding accidents.  Did you know that according to the latest government figures, pedestrian deaths in America rose by 4.2% last year and injuries shot up 19%?

What is causing this alarming rise in injury and death?

Reasons for Rise in Pedestrian Injury and Death:

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Choose an Accident Lawyer Recognized by Peers

There are certain questions you should ask when meeting with a personal injury law choose an accident lawyer that has also been chosen by their peersfirm. One question to ask the accident lawyers you meet with is the following:

Have your peers recognized you for your accomplishments?

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How To Avoid A Bike Accident on Connecticut’s Busy Roads

Few things are as much fun or as good for you as riding a bike.  The greatHow to avoid a bike accident on Connecticut's busy roads challenge isstaying safe and avoiding bike accidents on our busy roads.   Each year some 500,000 people are treated in Emergency Rooms in the U.S. for bike related injuries.

There are certain things you can do to keep yourself safe while riding.

How To Stay Safe While Cycling:

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