Avoid Car Accidents – Choose Not To Text & Drive

We have written a great deal about the rising risk to driver safety fromAvoid car accidents - choose not to text and drive new technologies that distract the driver.  One of the leading distracters and biggest contributors to car accidents in Connecticut is cell phones.  When people use their cell phones to call or text while driving they significantly increasing the likelihood of a car accident. 

So what can be done about this problem?  First – when it comes to your children – lead by example.  Then firmly counsel them about the grave risks of texting or calling while driving.   Explain the legal implications if they are caught by law enforcement and be brutally frank with them about the safety risks.  Tell them cell phone use is a leading cause of fatal car accidents in Connecticut.  Tell them that if and when they use their cell phones while driving, they are risking their lives and the lives of others.

Now one would think that with all this technology, there would be a technological solution to prevent cell phone use by drivers.  In fact – there are emerging tools.

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Alcohol Sales on Sundays and What That Means for Connecticut Drivers

A bill signed by Governor Malloy on May 14 made it official.  On May 20th,sunday liquor sales in Connecticut Connecticut consumers were able to buy alcohol on Sundays from 10:00AM to 5:00PM.  This new legislation ended years of an enforced ban on liquor sales and leaves Indiana as the only state banning Sunday sales.

According the NBC Connecticut the bill will also allow liquor stores to sell fruit and well as cheese, crackers and olives.  The minimum pricing rules – setting limits on discounts – remains in effect in this legislation.

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Temporary Workers and Sleep Deprivation Increase Medical Malpractice

Recent studies from John Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University temporary workers and sleep deprivation increase medical malpracticeof Pittsburgh School of Medicine provide valuable clues as to major causes of medical malpractice.

In the John Hopkins University study, researchers found that temporary workers are twice as likely to make costly and potentially dangerous mistakes as permanent hospital workers.  The research elevates concerns about the use of temporary nursing staff in particular because they are already a prominent segment of the health care workforce in Connecticut.  The popularity of temporary staffs among hospitals is tied in part to lower costs per employee.

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Protect Yourself From An Accident On Connecticut Roads This Summer

As spring and summer return to Connecticut, we all feel the need to beProtect yourself from an accident on Connecticut's roads this summeroutside enjoying the change of seasons.  With gas prices being what they are, we all have additional incentives to walk, run or ride our bikes to our next destination.

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign recently released a list of the most dangerous roads for these activities in Connecticut.  Two roads on which to use extreme care are the Boston Post Road (Rt. 1) and Route 5.  These highways have seen the greatest number of pedestrian/car accidents in the entire State.

On a county by county basis – Hartford County and New Haven County lead the state in these types of accidents.

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What To Ask Each Personal Injury Law Firm You Meet With

One question we encourage folks to ask each personal injury law firmAsk each personal injury law firm how many cases have they won they talk to about their accident case is, “how many cases have you won?”

Why does that question matter?  It matters because there are a number of high profile firms and attorneys representing injury victims who rarely if ever actually try cases in court.  To be successful as a personal injury lawyer, opposing parties (lawyers and insurance companies) need to know that you are prepared to take a personal injury case to trial if need be – and that you have a record of winning those trials.  Without that element – a personal injury lawyer’s ability to negotiate settlements is severely weakened.  Leverage is gone.

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Will Red Light Cameras Prevent Car Accidents in Connecticut?

The Connecticut State Legislature is currently considering legislation toWill red light cameras prevent car accidents in Connecticut? allow cities and towns to install what are called Red Light Cameras.  These devices record the behavior of drivers at traffic lights allowing for automated fining of drivers who run red lights.

Drivers ignoring or running red lights are a persistent cause of serious car accidents in Connecticut.

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