Super Bug Spread Tied To Medical Device



Hartford Hospital is reporting that 281 of their patients have been exposed to a drug resistant strain of e-coli in the past year as a result of a procedure requiring the use of a defective endoscopic probe. They also report that as many or five or six of those patients were known to have been infected.

Hospitals in Los Angeles are reporting similar and deadly super bug outbreaks tied to the use of the same probe – a fiber-optic instrument called a duodenoscope.

What are government regulators doing on this problem?

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News You Should Know If You Have A Hip Implant

By some estimates,  500,000 patients in the United States have received a type ofNews-you-should-know-if-you-have-a-hip-implantartificial hip that is failing prematurely in a number of cases.

The FDA is currently proposing new rules that would prohibit manufacturers from selling these implants.

Under the proposed new rules, manufacturers will have to prove that each device is safe and effective before selling them or before obtaining approval for new all-metal versions.

Under current rules, manufacturers do not need to prove efficacy or put their products through rigorous clinical trials.

The F.D.A. rule proposal is intended to improve the 1976 federal law under which medical devices were first regulated.

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5 Step Checklist – Make Sure Your Children’s Toys Are Safe This Holiday Season!

The holidays are a wonderful time of year.  Each of us has theMake sure your kids toys are safe this holiday season opportunity to spend time with loved ones and friends, often while exchanging gifts.

As a Connecticut personal injury law firm, we all too often see cases involving defective and dangerous products.  One product category that is of real concern this time of year is the toy category.  Toys are great fun – but they can often pose very serious health hazards.

So what should you watch out for???

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Problems Arise for Johnson & Johnson Hip Replacement Products

The pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson could be facing a more costly problem than the $3 billion recall of its ASR all-metal artificial hips two years ago.

A replacement product to ASR, the Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip system, has nearly 1,600 lawsuits pending in U.S. courts. It is expected that more than 10 percent of the Pinnacle all-metal hips will have failed in the next two to three years.

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Choose an Accident Lawyer Recognized by Peers

There are certain questions you should ask when meeting with a personal injury law choose an accident lawyer that has also been chosen by their peersfirm. One question to ask the accident lawyers you meet with is the following:

Have your peers recognized you for your accomplishments?

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Why You Should Share Your Insurance Coverage With Your Injury Lawyer

When you are involved in a personal injury incident, whether you have been injured iWhy your insurance coverage is important to your injury lawyern a car accident, by medical malpractice, by a defective product, an animal bite or in any other way, there are a lot of questions that you may want to ask.

We have prepared this blog post and many more to come to answer some common questions we hear from our clients. Please note that we have prepared this material for general use and it is not tailored to any particular case or type of case.



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