Super Bug Spread Tied To Medical Device



Hartford Hospital is reporting that 281 of their patients have been exposed to a drug resistant strain of e-coli in the past year as a result of a procedure requiring the use of a defective endoscopic probe. They also report that as many or five or six of those patients were known to have been infected.

Hospitals in Los Angeles are reporting similar and deadly super bug outbreaks tied to the use of the same probe – a fiber-optic instrument called a duodenoscope.

What are government regulators doing on this problem?

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Infant Seats ReCalled – Make Sure Your Child’s Seat is Safe!

A South African manufacturer is recalling about four million baby seatsKeep you child safe in the car - choose the right safety seat that were sold at major retailers including Target Corp., Wal-Mart, and Toys “R” Us after reports that at least twenty-one babies fell from the seats and fractured their skulls.

The company itself has received some 84 reports of infants falling from the seats.  This recall is the second for these seats since 2007

Infant seats are a major fixture in many households.  Choosing a safe infant seat is crucial to protecting the health of your child.

Here are some tips from

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