How Well Do You Know the Traffic Safety Rules in Connecticut?

If you are like most people, you probably know some but hardly all the laws related to traffic safety in Connecticut.

Why’s that matter?

For several reasons… knowing the rules can help avoid a car accident while keeping you and your family safe in the event of an accident. It’s also important to remember that ignorance of the law is not considered an excuse should you ever find yourself in violation.

To that end, we thought a refresher on the most important traffic safety laws/rules might be helpful.

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Used Car Buyers Beware!

Used car buyers beware!

Photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry via / CC BY-NC-SA


Many of us often look to used car options when replacing an old car or buying a first car for a child. In fact, thirty-eight million used cars were sold in the U.S. just last year. Buying used is a strategy that can have a number of financial advantages.

One big disadvantage… there’s no explicit federal law that requires the sellers of used cars to fix problems related to safety recalls or even inform buyers a recall was issued. And sadly – serious, and in some cases deadly car accidents are the result.

The truth is – even though car companies are required to make an effort to reach the current owner of all vehicles to notify them of any recalls – that task has proved nearly impossible for car makers. Buyers two or more times removed from the original car purchaser simply do not enjoy the recall protections afforded new car buyers.

Are recalled and potentially dangerous used cars being sold in Connecticut?

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As Dangerous as Driving Drunk…

Photo credit: Runs With Scissors via Interior Design / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Runs With Scissors via Interior Design / CC BY-NC-ND


Have you ever nodded off while driving?

If you answer yes – you’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1-in-25 people nod off behind the wheel every 30 days.

That’s as many as 8.4 million drivers a year that fall asleep while driving.

8.4 million people. And that’s just the number of people willing to admit they have nodded off.

What’s more the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsy driving is responsible for 83,000 car accidents, over 35,000 of which result in serious injuries and almost 1,000 in deaths…

What’s going on?

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Teenage Drivers…Dangerous in the Extreme.

Talk to your teen about the dangers of teenage driving.

If you are like most parents – you push your children hard to do better in school, better on the field of play, and be better people in every way. And if you’re like most parents you probably push a bit too hard and might want to consider letting your child breathe a bit.

That is unless we’re talking about their driving. If that’s the case – chances are you aren’t worried enough – because your child’s life is in danger.

Did you know that if a person is going to suffer an untimely death – the two most dangerous years of their life is their 16th and 17th.  And the cause – driving.

Nichole Morris – a researcher at the University of Minnesota puts it simply: “Cars have gotten safer, roads have gotten safer, but teen drivers have not.”

In 2013, just under 1 million teenagers reported having car accidents (and many teenage accidents go unreported), resulting in over 373,000 injuries and 2,937 deaths.   According to the CDC – an average of six teenagers die each day in car accidents in America.

Yup – six each and every day.

And some researchers estimate that one in four teenagers will be in a car accident within their first six months driving.

What are the biggest risk factors for car accidents with these drivers?

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Are Cars Really Capable of Driverless Travel?

The last five years have seen a huge jump in efforts to design cars that can drive themselves. From the President recently calling for major investment in this new technology, to universities like Carnegie Mellon and car companies like GM and Tesla all committing substantial resources to the project – some believe driverless cars are just around the corner.

Many auto executive say yes… But are they?

Can vehicles that are truly autonomous be safe?

And if there are flaws in any self-driving technology system – who will bear the liability for car and truck accidents?

Complicated questions to be sure.

While some cars are beginning to drive a bit on their own, most auto experts believe true driverless cars are at least a decade away…

What about the near term?

Soon – cars with increasingly sophisticated guidance systems are expected to be able to follow curving roads, change lanes, stop and start and travel safely through intersections on their own.

What about in more complex driving situations – where weather or traffic congestion are extreme? What then?

Well – most experts believe that for the foreseeable future, all cars will continue to need a degree of human supervision. In fact, the so called “handoff” from computerized navigation to human control may in fact be the trickiest part to design.


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Driving Risks and the Holidays

Drinking and driving dangers during the holidaysAs great as these days are – there is an unavoidable fact about the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

It’s the deadliest stretch of time on our nation’s roads.


You know the answer – more drivers are driving under the influence.

On average, 728 people die or are injured in drunk driving car accidents per day during this season. Per day.

Did you know that daily alcohol violations also rise by more than 30% during this time of the year.

And then there is the sheer volume of traffic and distracted drivers on the roads during the holiday season. Dangerous even without drugs or alcohol.

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Halloween is Scary and Not for the Reasons You’d Think.

While Halloween is a day children love, sadly it’s also a day almost as dangerous as New Year’s Eve if you’re driving or walking.

Hard to believe – right?

Here are some of the scary facts…

Fifty-two (52) percent of all fatal car accidents in the U.S. that occur on Halloween involve a drunk driver. Twenty-three (23) percent of all pedestrian fatalities on Halloween involve an intoxicated driver. On average, 4.5 times as many children are struck and killed Halloween night as any other night of the year.

Young male drivers – age 21-34 – make up almost 50% of the fatalities in drunk driving car accidents during this one night.

Is the danger tied solely to intoxicated drivers?


Here are some more facts that will turn your head:

  • Eleven percent of parents in the U.S. allow children under 5 to trick or treat alone.
  • Only twelve percent of parents have their children wear appropriate clothing – clothing that includes reflective materials.

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How Safe Are The Tires On Your Car?

Adults in America love to drive. In fact, we drive approximately 3 billion miles a year.

That’s a lot of miles on a lot of tires.

Not surprisingly – tire issues cause close to 11,000 car accidents every year. And some 200 drivers die annually in those car crashes.

So are tires one of the most important safety features on cars and trucks?

Without question.

So how can you keep you and your family safe when it comes to tires?

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Do You Know the Most Dangerous Month For Driving?


We recently did an extensive review of traffic statistics from a variety of governmental sources (e.g., The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – NHTSA, etc.). What we found was interesting…

If you were asked to guess the most dangerous month to drive – what would you say?

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