Halloween is Scary and Not for the Reasons You’d Think.

While Halloween is a day children love, sadly it’s also a day almost as dangerous as New Year’s Eve if you’re driving or walking.

Hard to believe – right?

Here are some of the scary facts…

Fifty-two (52) percent of all fatal car accidents in the U.S. that occur on Halloween involve a drunk driver. Twenty-three (23) percent of all pedestrian fatalities on Halloween involve an intoxicated driver. On average, 4.5 times as many children are struck and killed Halloween night as any other night of the year.

Young male drivers – age 21-34 – make up almost 50% of the fatalities in drunk driving car accidents during this one night.

Is the danger tied solely to intoxicated drivers?


Here are some more facts that will turn your head:

  • Eleven percent of parents in the U.S. allow children under 5 to trick or treat alone.
  • Only twelve percent of parents have their children wear appropriate clothing – clothing that includes reflective materials.

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