Is Your Surgeon Double-Timing You During Surgery?

Doctors performing surgery in an operating roomAnyone needing either elective surgery or one on an emergency basis should rightfully expect the surgeon on hand to be singularly focused on them…


After all, surgery is serious stuff – and often life threatening if done poorly.

Did you know there’s been a practice for decades in so-called “teaching hospitals” of surgeons working on two patients in separate operating rooms “simultaneously?”

The practice is called “running two rooms” or double booking and involves a senior surgeon working with a team of trainees. The surgeon delegates aspects of the two surgeries between his trainees, moving from room to room to perform different aspects of the surgeries in question. Incredibly – sometimes these senior surgeons even walk away to visit other patients in other parts of the hospital entirely.

Alarmed yet?

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What If Computer Hackers Could Attack Operating Room Equipment?


Computers are a true marvel of the modern world. Capable of performing billions of calculations per second – these machines continue to transform the world as we know it.

Marvels, however, can sometimes come with risks.   It’s something we’ve written a great deal about. In particular, we’ve written a lot about the potential dangers associated with computer guided cars in recent months.

Did you know that medical experts are now growing increasingly concerned about the potential for medical equipment to be hacked? This concern particularly applies to equipment that can “talk” to other machines within a health or hospital system and centers on the potential for “inappropriate access to devices.” There is also the problem that one device might be transmitting data in metric units only to be misinterpreted by another machine set to accept data in pounds and inches. Miscues like these could prove fatal to any patients involved.

But hacking into medical devices – really?

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